Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cable(MICC)

Renowned for having good fire resistance and also a smaller cross section for a given current carrying capacity than other cable types

  • aka pyro (from makers name Pyrotenax)
  • Copper tube sheath with magnesium oxide insulation
  • Fireproof
  • Rigid
  • Occasionally seen in domestic premises, mainly in blocks of flats
  • Widely used for fire alarm systems in commerce
  • Unterminated ends prone to absorbing moisture from the air
  • Special cable terminations required
  • Ideal for flammability risk areas, eg traversing a thatched roof.
  • Picture shows 1.5 mm² MICC with outer diameter 7.2 mm

MICC is one of the toughest of cables because:

  • its metal cased
  • it handles very high temperatures
  • it still works even if you hammer it quite flat – the conductors and mineral insulation all compress in the same proportion, and you have to go a long way before it shorts out

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