Imperial Twin and Earth (T&W)

PVC twin

Older T&E wiring having similar construction to today’s cables. Several versions exist:

  • 7/.029 T&E
    • imperial 7 stranded version of 2.5mm² T&E
    • used for socket circuits until unstranded 2.5mm T&E was introduced around 1970
    • strands are 0.029″ diameter = 0.74mm
  • 3/.029 T&E
    • imperial 3 stranded version of 1mm² T&E
    • used for lighting circuits
    • 1/.044″ unstranded lighting cable also used
  • Ashathene T&E
    • Precursor to PVC T&E
    • Lasts well
  • PVC outer VIR inner
    • an early T&E cable
    • where the inner rubber has failed, the tails can be sleeved
  • 2 core Twin
    • no earth, used for lighting circuits, or power circuits with a separate (usually uninsulated) single run alongside to provide an earth.

PVC and ashathene versions of this cable last well and are usually in good condition, but rubber does not last well long term.

PVC outer rubber inner cable can have its rubber ends sleeved to make it safe, as its only the ends where exposed to air where the rubber becomes brittle and falls off. Cable with rubber outer insulation can not be made safe this way.

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