Enamelled Copper

Where installation with no disruption of decor is necessary, this can be achieved with enamelled copper wire. This unique type of wire has its own set of issues, it can’t be treated like pvc cable, but it can be routed in some surprising places while remaining out of sight and not affecting the decorations.

The big advantage is that its ultrathin profile renders it nearly invisible, enabling fitting in all sorts of places pvc cable would not go. Sizes down to 0.3mm are practical for a wide range of uses, and much thinner sizes are practical for at least some applications.

Routing examples:

  • In cracks along corners or up walls
  • Along top of skirting
  • Tucked under or behind skirting
  • Under carpet – but keep it at the edge to avoid damage
  • Down corners of walls, covered completely with a thin smear of filler.
  • Through cracks & gaps in floors, frames & walls

The disadvantages are:

  • Not as robust as pvc cable, and should be kept from any more than occasional user contact for this reason.
  • Should not be moved or reused once laid, as the enamel will crack and shorts occur.
  • Never re-use enamelled copper wire. Many have tried it, and it rarely works.
  • Single core cable only
  • Where cores are not spaced from each other they should be completely immobilised to avoid the chance of later shorting. This is easily done in most cases.
  • Ends should be terminated to something fixed rather than a flying connector, as it does not like movement.
  • Wire can be fixed with a drop of glue.

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